10th Egyptian-German Energy Conservation and Renewables Day

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Within the framework of the German Energy Solutions Initiative “energy solutions - made in Germany”, (www.german-energy-solutions.de) the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce [GACIC] is organizing the

10th Egyptian-German Energy Conservation and Renewables Day
 on the 29th of January 2018 in Cairo, Egypt.


The initiative is coordinated and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and GACIC is the implementing partner in Egypt.

With regards to the global climate change issue and the ever greater importance of energy security, an increased energy conservation and the use of renewable energy is a high priority for Egypt.
The Egyptian government has signed the Paris Agreement (COP21 of the UNFCCC) and it has entered into force as of 29th July 2017.
Following an ongoing thorough reform in the framework of the electricity sector since 2014 which also comprised a rise of the energy and electricity prices for the industrial sector, major investments have already been launched in the Industrial  Energy Efficiency sector.

As one of the main pillars of Egyptian industry, the Egyptian cement industry ranked 11th on the world wide list of cement producers. Egypt also ranks number 25 on the list of steel producing nations.
The glass industry in Egypt is also highly advanced.
All three industrial sectors are well established yet show remarkable energy efficiency potentials that can be harnessed through further advancement and the implementation of energy saving measures.

In line with the ongoing support of GACIC for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, and after the success of numerous previous business delegations on wind and solar energy, the conference is held on the occasion of an incoming delegation of several German companies providing technologies and services in the field of energy efficiency measures and manufacturing processes for the Heavy Industries Cement, Steel and Glass.

The conference titled „Energy Efficiency for the Heavy Industries – Cement, Steel and Glass“ will focus on:

  • Energy Transition in Germany, National Strategy and Regulations for Industrial Energy Efficiency in Egypt, Challenges for Energy Efficiency
  • „Made in Germany“ Panel with the German Delegation on Technical, Market Ready Solutions and Economical Feasibility for the Industrial Sector in Egypt
  • Successful Case Studies and the Road Forward in Egypt
  • Finance tools in the field of Industrial Energy Efficiency for Egypt

High-level governmental officials and private-sector experts as well as speakers from the banking sector will present the latest developments in the Egyptian Energy Efficiency market.

The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce is pleased to invite you to attend the conference. More information will be made available soon. Check our page on facebook (www.facebook.com/gacicegypt/) for further updates!



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