First Egyptian German Agribusiness Forum

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On the 11th of April H.E. Christian Schmidt, German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, and H.E. Abd El Moneim El Banna, Egyptian Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation will jointly open the 1st Egyptian-German Agribusiness Forum to foster sustainable agriculture and cooperation.

The event is being held on the occasion of the visit of H.E. Christian Schmidt and accompanying business delegation to Egypt and is being organized by the German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce (GACIC) in cooperation with the German-African Business Association. It aims to promote efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural sector and to introduce investment opportunities such as the 1.5 Mio Feddan project of the Egyptian government.

Mr. Hergenroether’s quote: For many years, the German-Arab Chamber has been active in the promotion of Egyptian agricultural products and processed food. As the official representative of  world‘s leading food fairs Fruit Logistika, Green Week and Anuga, we coordinate the Egyptian Pavillions, promoting Egyptian food products on the international markets.

In recent years, Egypt agriculture products exporters have catered the German market with an impressive growth rate of +10.7% from 2015 to 2016. Fruits and vegetables exports from Egypt to Germany have reached a value of 124 million dollars in 2016. This indicates an increase of 13% in comparison to 2015. In regards to Egyptian oils and fats the country has exported goods of approximately 33.6 million Euros to Germany in 2016. Following these two product groups are Egyptian spices, tea, coffee and cocoa. This product group reached an export value to Germany of 7,437 million Euros in 2016, which shows an increase of 35% in comparison to the previous year.

In regards to exports from Germany to Egypt, Germany exported fruits and vegetables worth 3.3 million Euro in 2016. This value corresponds to approx. 75% of the previous year's value. In 2016 Egypt imported oils and fats worth 24,6 million Euros from Germany. In addition, dairy products (32.3 million Euros) and grain products (12.7 million euros) are the two products with the highest value of imports from Germany in 2016.


The 1st Egyptian-German Agribusiness Forum will further promote the strong ties between both countries. Among the topics to be discussed in the forum are:

  • Plant breeding, crop farming including production supporting inputs (seeding, pesticides, fertilizers and such like)
  • Agro-produce processing equipment and technology
  • Water management and irrigation
  • Animal farming/breeding including slaughterhouse, meat-processing and dairy-processing facilities


Among the prominent speakers are H.E. Julius Georg Luy, the German Ambassador in Egyptand Andreas Hergenroether CEO of the GACIC and Klaus-Peter Brandes, Senior Advisor

German – African Business Association.