Fact-finding mission to Berlin on Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector

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Berlin, Germany
20.03.2017 to 22.03.2017
Event Fees (Members): 
Fees apply for flight and accommodation
Event Fees: 
Fees apply for flight and accommodation



Within the framework of the German Export Initiative on Energy Efficiency which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with the Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG is pleased to announce the organization of a fact-finding mission on “Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector” to Berlin, Germany during the 20th – 22nd of March 2017
Electricity prices for the industrial sector in Egypt are on the rise with further planned subsidy removals and due to the increased fossil fuel prices. 
Renewable energy has therefore started to gain momentum and wider applications in Egypt, especially solar energy. 
However before renewable energies can be used on a large-scale basis for the industrial sector, it is first necessary to reduce the electricity consumption by applying energy-efficient measures. 
These measures help to achieve an overall sustainable and economically viable energy performance leading to a reduced electricity bill for the industrial client. 
The above fact-finding mission is going to address the topic of Energy Efficiency for the Industrial Sector through a programme consisting of a mix of presenations, meetings and company/factory-site visits as well as the participation at some of the activities of the international "Energy Transition Dialogue" conference in Berlin. 
All of the above aims to inform the Egyptian participants about energy efficiency technologies used for the industry and give them the opportunity to meet German companies and service providers which may lead to future business cooperations.



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