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The Goal of EUROMED Invest is to boost private business and investment within the Euro-Med area to contribute to an inclusive economic development of the region. It targets the most promising sectors for job creation and economic spillovers, e.g. agrifood, transport & logistics, cultural and creative industries, water, green energies and tourism. The target groups are private and public sector organizations and business associations from the EU, South Mediterranean countries and potential EU candidate countries.


Involved Actors

EUROMED Invest is implemented by the MedAlliance consortium, including Euro-Med networks of investment and economic development agencies (ANIMA Investment Network, leader of the project), Euro-Med networks of chambers of Commerce and Industry (the German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce, ASCAME, Eurochambers, business federations (BUSINESSMED) as well as SME promotion agencies (EMDC, Foundation, EABC). 79 organizations from 26 countries are also affiliated to the project, which activities will be implemented from December 2013 to December 2016.



EUROMED has a €5 Million budget, 80% percent of which is financed by the European Union and 20% by the MedAlliance Consortium, the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region and the City of Marseilles.



Entrepreneurs mentoring program

The aim of the entrepreneurs mentoring program is to develop sustainable peer-to-peer partnerships and to seek and identify opportunities for sharing values between enterprises. Therefore it is offered continuous coaching to Young Entrepreneur Master Classes. 

The mentoring is an on-going service open to all entrepreneurs who have already participated in one of the project activity. Target groups are SMEs having taken part in the matchmaking meetings and young entrepreneurs having benefitted from one of the master classes.

Expected are 20 mentoring missions conducted between SMEs and new entrepreneurs. The budget allocated for each operation is up to 80% of the eligible cost, the maximum contribution will be of 5000€, for a minimum eligible cost of 6 250€.


Our initiative:

SME Mentoring: An Initiative to promote a Greek-Egyptian joint venture in the dairy sector 

One of our jobs concerning the entrepreneurs mentoring program is the creation of a pilot project for joint dairy production of an Egyptian dairy producer in an EU country and vice versa. They learn in mutual and guided visits about each other’ s production processes and products.


Our aim: Mutual benefits

The Egyptian SME (Abou Daoud) shall receive knowledge transfer for improving its products and production processes to international EU-standards from the Greek SME (Kiassas), whereas the Egyptian SME will support the Greek SME in opening new markets in Egypt and the Arab World.

We will act as a facilitator between the two companies, guiding, advising, planning and supporting the outputs of the projects.


Business roadshows in Southern Mediterranean countries and Europe

These events are organized to promote Southern Mediterranean countries at the most important commercial shows in Europe promoting and organizing B2B between SMEs from the Southern Mediterranean and European countries, as well as South-South relations and foreign direct investments (FDI).


Master Class for young entrepreneurs

The Master class aims at developing the enterprise culture in Southern Mediterranean countries. Trainings are meant for a selected group of young entrepreneurs, in order to increase their capacity to outline and develop their own business projects. 

E.g. one EUROMEDInvest Webinar is organized by the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises INSME for November 2016. Aim of this online meeting is the training on innovation and entrepreneurship for start-ups, young entrepreneurs/women and diaspora organized within the frame of the EUROMED Invest project. 

The webinar is one of the activities of the EUROMED Invest project. The webinar series is an in-depth follow up on the master classes for young entrepreneurs initiative to allow participants to leverage the knowledge gained during the master classes and newcomers are also welcome.

Every training profits from the presence of experienced and successful trainers from the Southern Mediterranean. 


Cooperation and mentorship program for Business Support Organizations

This program is a service for Business support organizations that aim at developing sustainable partnerships with other similar entities. The scope of the program is the improvement of services (for internationalization, FDI promotion, new entrepreneurs, etc.). 

In February 2015 for example the Centre de Mediation et d’ Arbitrage de Paris (CMAP) and the Lebanese Mediation Center (LMC) at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount- Lebanon ( CCIA-BML) was organized to enhance the use of mediation by the business community in Lebanon.

Therefore, mediator Mr. Jean-Bernard Dagnaud came from Paris to Beirut to share his expertise in mediation. It consisted in a three-day intensive awareness campaign on 24, 25 and 26 February 2015 about commercial mediation in Lebanon.

Mediation being one of the main alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), the evolution of commercial mediation was presented by Mr. Dagnaud with a comparative approach between Lebanon, France and Europe. Mr. Salah Osseiran, board member and head of the ADR committee at the CCIA-BML highlighted the importance of mediation in the business world as it is a cost and time effective way to reach to a settlement between parties in dispute.


Our initiative:

Exporting Agro-Food Products to the European Union

Within the framework of the 5th BSO Cooperation & Mentoring Programme CEEBA  in cooperation with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce, a two-day workshop will be held on the 28th and 29th  of August at the premises of Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on Exporting  Agro-Food Products to the European Union. The event will give in depth information for SMEs from the Alexandria Governerate on the regulations and the process of exporting agro-food products to the EU.


Objective of the Workshop 

Many BSOs and agro-food enterprises in Egypt are still missing a structured, comprehensive understanding of EU market access rules as well as experience in working with efficient tools for promoting trade proposals in the EU. 

This workshop aims to provide the tools to simplify this complex process and offer an introduction to the internationalisation of services and doing business with the EU in particular. The course will shed light on a wide range of websites, databases and model documents that may be consulted for helping local exporters with information.

It will be held by Luc Van Looveren, a Senior Advisor in EU relations from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland. He previously held similar seminars in Western Balkan countries, Turkey, etc..

The organizers are the Voka - CCI Antwerp-Waasland, Belgium, CEEBA , the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.


Who should attend?

This course is addressed to SMEs form the agri-business and food sector as well as BSOs. The agricultural sector is of critical importance to Egypt’s economy and plays an important role in the recovery of the economy.

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EUROMED Invest Academy 

The EUROMED Invest Academies are training and experience sharing seminars between Business support organizations. These workshops aim at maximizing their exchanges in order to improve business support services in the different steps of the life of SMEs (start-up, growth and development, internationalization) as well as in the marketing field.


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