LACTIMED Weeks: Discovering Mediterranean dairy products

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Turin-Italy, Tunis, Beirut and Cairo
22.10.2014 to 15.11.2014




Enjoy the Mediterranean milk odyssey 


LACTIMED participation to HACE forms part of the LACTIMED Weeks series of events, which will gather dairy producers from 5 regions of Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Greece and Italy from 22 October to 15 November 2014, in order to highlight the Mediterranean typical dairy products, an eloquent reflection of the territories they come from.

A wide range of activities, also opened to public, will give the opportunity to meet men and women from local dairy chains and to discover characteristic flavours describing the 5 Mediterranean regions involved in the project (Alexandria and Beheira, Egypt ; Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel, Lebanon ; Bizerte and Beja, Tunisia ; Sicily, Italy ; Thessaly, Greece.)

From October 22 to November 15, 2014, LACTIMED will participate in 4 international exhibitions (Turin, Tunis, Beyrouth and Cairo) as well as in a national exhibition in Athens. Stands held by producers, business meetings, conferences, taste workshops, exchanges of experience, etc. The LACTIMED weeks are designed to increase the visibility and the distribution of these products by targeting both general public and agribusiness specialists.

The « LACTIMED Weeks », a reflection of the Mediterranean identity, will invite you to discover gastronomy and terroirs illustrating these rich and typical territories, the pastures’ biodiversity, pastoral traditions, men’s know-how, etc. Enjoy an odyssey through the Mediterranean flavours to meet dairy sector stakeholders, who produce cheese, yoghourt and many other typical dairy products.
These events will also be the occasion of sharing experiences between the Mediterranean countries and highlighting the strong links between them, whether they are North-South, North-North or South-South,.

Come and discover the less known dimension of the rich Mediterranean heritage and gastronomy:
What are the emblematic Mediterranean cheeses and dairy products from Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia or Italy? What do they tell about their territory, about their people, the know-how, techniques, and traditions? Which are the main common elements of Mediterranean identity, and their regional specific features? During the LACTIMED Weeks, we invite you to find out more about the silent tale of these tasty milk treasures.

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