Sectors Overview

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Food Industry:
Germany’s food industry is the country’s fourth largest economic sector, employing 551 000 people. It is characterised through small and medium sized companies.
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Furniture Industry:
The furniture industry in Germany generates a total annual sales volume of 15 billion euro and is hence one of Germany’s smaller industry sectors.
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Glass Industry:
The product range of the German glass industry has grown historically extremely wide. Various industries are concerned with manufacturing glass for a variety of applications.
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Metalworking Industry:
metalworking industries can be considered as an origin of industrial sectors in Germany.
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Textile Industry:
On international level, Germany ranks 3rd place referring to exports of textiles and clothing.
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Business and Marketing Services

Mrs. Karin El Shafei
Head of Business and Marketing Services (BMS)
(+202) 3333-8452
karinelshafei [at]