Dispute Settlement

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Finding out-of-court-solution

The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce is not able to take legal action as a representative. It can only assist in reaching an out of court settlement.

The advantage of such mediation is that our fees are far below the fees of lawyers and a large part of the fee is success-based only. Therefore, especially if just a small amount is in dispute, a mediation could be preferable to formal litigation

Before accepting the case we will assess the likelihood of success of any possible intervention. Therefore we need copies of the file constitute the claim, e.g. orders, confirmations of orders, contracts, invoices and all correspondence concerning the case which you already sent.

If our preliminary examination leads to the opinion, that the mediation has no reasonable chance of success, we stop our intervention immediately to avoid further costs for you. For the pre-check we charge a lumpsum fee of EUR 350,- which will be offset against the basic fee in case of us accepting the case. Members of the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce enjoy 25 % discount.

Should the debtor agree and settle the debt as consequence of our first approach, only the success fee will be charged.

Otherwise our intervention starts, once the basic fee (see below) is settled in full.

The success fee becomes due after receiving of the whole amount or part of the money from the debtor. All fees are related to the amount in dispute.

If you are interested in our service of intervention, please place an order in writing. We are going to send you an invoice about the pre-check immediately.

Amount in dispute

Basic Fee

Success-Based Fee

Up to 25.000,- EUR

1.200,- EUR

10 %

25.001,- EUR to 50.000,- EUR

2.500,- EUR

8 %

50.001,- EUR to 150.000,- EUR

4.000,- EUR

6 %

150.001,- EUR to 250.000,- EUR

6.000,- EUR

5 %

250.001,- EUR to 500.000,- EUR

10.000,- EUR

4 %




Legal Services and Fairplay

Mr. Sherif Kotb
Head of Investment and Legal Consulting
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sherif.kotb [at] ahk-mena.com

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