Energy Concept

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From theory to practice: Energy concept

Besides face-to-face seminars, energy concept (project work) is a key element of the practical training to become an EnergyManager. During projects the participants may practice their acquired theoretical knowledge. Usually the energy concept covers energetic weak points in the company that were already known at the beginning of the training. The Energy concept begins where problems in the company of the participant arise and, if the concept is implemented, it brings financial benefits which are directly associated with the training. The Energy concepts are accompanied by professional coaching.

The topic may be selected with the help of the following questions:

  • Are there any weak points in the company which should be improved?
  • Is there a substantial consumption of energy? (e.g. > 1000 MWh/a)
  • Would it be possible to improve this area with corresponding measures?
  • By optimizing the area, are there any energy savings (> 10 %) possible?
  • Does the weak point thematically belong to the training contents?

Together with understandable calculations, the results of the energy concept are submitted in a report. Additionally the participants must summarize their most important conclusions within one page. Since the participants usually have to convince their managing directors of the benefits arising from the suggested measures, they are to present their projects in front of an audit committee, acting as a virtual board of directors, which is – besides of a written test of two hours - part of the examination.



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