Contents and structure of the training

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EUREM is an extra-occupational, high-standard energy efficiency training, targeting industrial energy managers, plant and production managers, facility managers as well as service providers – technical background of participants is advised

What is EUREM…
The EUREM training combines transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge on industrial energy efficiency with practical application of the new skills by preparing an energy efficiency measure in the participant’s company by the participant with support of the trainer team.

Your benefits…
EUREM leads to tangible results - participating in the EUREM gives you the capacity to optimise your energy consumption and increase your competitiveness. The tailor-made energy efficiency measure developed during the course is your most immediate benefit. In addition you will have permanent access to regularly update EnEff calculation tools and training material.
The training is usually held extra-occupational and consists of the three following elements: face-to-face teaching, self-learning and energy concept. During the courses the participants acquire the theoretical knowledge which they may then use for the first time in practice while creating their energy concept.
The subject matter comprises two areas: engineering and management. Almost any energy relevant application in a company is part of the training. Of course, the subject matter is constantly adapted to the changing basic conditions.

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Mr. Amr Khalifa
COO for Training
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8488
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
amr.khalifa [at]


Eng. Ahmed Youssef Ezeldin
Energy Efficiency Consultant
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8475
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
ahmed.ezeldin [at]