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Training and Network of European EnergyManagers

... cut energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases worldwide.


Megatrend Resource and Energy Efficiency:

The "Oil Age" is coming to an end; energy costs are skyrocketing and breaking one record after another. There appears to be no change in sight since energy consumption is increasing rapidly in newly industrialized countries. One further megatrend is the protection of climate and environment. It is certain that human beings have significantly contributed to the greenhouse effect. Therefore, every effort has to be done to reduce damaging greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). This idea of environmental protection and the high energy costs drive more and more enterprises to reduce their energy consumption and to improve their energy efficiency.


"EnergyManagers" for measurable results:

Increasing energy efficiency is precisely the task for the European EnergyManager (EUREM): They promote company-wide energy savings and hence contribute to climate protection. The energy concepts of more than 2000 trained EnergyManagers resulted in energy savings of 1,500,000 MWh, cost savings of 60 million Euros per year, a CO2 reduction of 400,000 tons per year and investments of 200 million Euros.


The goals of the EUREM project are to

  • train and qualify specialists
  • build up a network of experts
  • intensify the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • share information and experience
  • improve the competitiveness of companies
  • support energy efficiency technologies and export activities
  • promote environmental and climate protection world-wide

EUREM is not only a continuing education programme, but also a global networking community of energy efficiency experts. The participants and graduates regularly meet on conferences, workshops and online platforms to exchange experiences, get information on current energy topics and help each other with various tasks.



Mr. Amr Khalifa
COO for Training
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8488
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
amr.khalifa [at] ahk-mena.com


Eng. Ahmed Youssef Ezeldin
Energy Efficiency Consultant
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8475
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
ahmed.ezeldin [at] ahk-mena.com