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Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Germany

Have you earned a degree from outside Germany and plan to attend a German institution? Are you a professional intending to apply to a licensing board? Does your employer need confirmation of your degree?

The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce gladly provides advice on applications and procedures regarding the recognition of Egyptian qualifications for Egyptian professionals who want to expand their horizon by working in Germany. Egyptians who hold a job qualification from Egypt can apply for an official certificate of recognition from the German government, which is required for certain occupations and in any event can help improve the individual job chances on the German job market, by providing the employer with valuable information about the applicant. The project is run by the Federation of German Chambers on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Qualified Prospects should contact the GACIC to apply for the process, which will take about three months.

Further information about necessary qualifications, process and living and working in Germany can be found at recognition-in-germany.info.

Get in touch with us, if you like to have a professional qualification recognized in Germany.


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Educational Credentials Recognition Advice

Mrs. Yasmin Fauzy
Credentials Recognition Advisor
(+202) 3333-8453
yasmin.fauzy [at] ahk-mena.com


Mr. Omar Sadek
Project coordinator
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8482
omar.sadek [at] ahk-mena.com