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Executive Office

Dr. Rainer Herret

Deputy CEO
Mrs. Susan El Hinnawi


Departments and Units 

Administration and Finance

Mrs. Susan El Hinnawi, COO & CFO
Tel.: (+202) 33338455
susanelhenawy [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Mariana Raouf, Cashier, Central TeleTel., Reception
Tel.: (+202) 33338467

Mrs. Nagla Madani, Visa Services
Tel.: (+202) 33338468

Mr. Ahmed Aboulsaad, ITC System Administrator
Tel.: (+202) 33338450

Mr. Hassan Saleh, Front-Office Registration & Information and Databank
Tel.: (+202) 33338451


Membership & Customer Services

Ms. Azza Sultan, Membership Relations Officer
Tel.: (+202) 33338466
azza [dot] sultan [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Ms. Maha Sadek, Membership Relations Officer
Tel.: (+202) 33338465
maha [dot] sadek [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


IT & Recruiting Services

Mr. Ahmad Zain, Web-Development & METRACE Project Manager
Tel.: (+202) 33338481
ahmad [dot] zain [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Business and Marketing Services

Mrs. Karin El Shafei, Head of Business and Marketing Services (BMS)
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8452
karinelshafei [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Yasmin Fauwzy, Marketing Consultant
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8497
yasmin [dot] fauzy [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Investment Consulting, Legal and Fairplay Department

Mr. Sherif Kotb, Head of Legal and Fairplay Department
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8483
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
sherif [dot] kotb [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Eventmanagement / EU relations

Ms. Marion Kussmann, Project Manager
Tel.: (+202) 33338484
marionkussmann [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Hoda El Mahgoub, Project Assistant
Tel.: (+202) 33338479
magicx [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Trade Fairs

Mrs. May Khairy, Head of Trade Fairs Department
Tel.: (+202) 33338457
maykhairy [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Rana Atef, Deputy Head of Trade Fairs Department
Tel.: (+202) 33338457
rana [dot] atef [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Ingy Mehany
Trade Fairs Officer
Tel.: (+202) 33368183 ext.412
ingy [dot] mehany [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Shirin Morgan, Trade Fairs Officer
Tel.: (+202) 33338456
shirin [dot] morgan [at] ahk-mena [dot] com



Mr. Amr Khalifa
COO for Training
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8475
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
amr [dot] khalifa [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Malak Kattan
Training Officer
Tel.: (+202) 3333 8476
Fax: (+202) 3336 8786
format [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Media and Publications

Mrs. Perihan El-Sayed, Production Manager and Design
Tel.: (+202) 33338472
perihan [dot] elsayed [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Neiveen Essam
Senior Marketing & Communication Specialist
Tel: (+202) 3333-8471
Fax: (+202) 3336-8786
neiveen [dot] essam [at] ahk-mena [dot] com

Mrs. Nelly Khalil
Senior Publications & Communication Specialist
Tel.: (+202) 3333-8473
Fax: (+202) 3336-8786
nelly [dot] khalil [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Branch Offices 


Alexandria Branch-Office

Mrs. Yasmine Kandil, Office-Manager
7, El Fardos Street
Alga Scan Building 4, 2nd Floor
Semouha, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: (+203) 4273338
yasmine [dot] kandil [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Ismailia Branch Office

Ms. Hanan El Gindy, Office Manager
135, Orabi and Misr St., Ismailia, Egypt
Tel: (+20) 64 391 5534
Fax: (+20) 64 392 1902 / 391 3440
ismailia [at] ahk-mena [dot] com


Berlin Office

Deutsch-Arabische Industrie- und Handelskammer (AHK Ägypten)
Mrs. Bassant Helmi and Ms. Martina Ziebell
Charlottenstr. 16
10117 Berlin
Tel: 0049 (0)30 20648175 / -177
Fax: 0049 (0)30 20648178
info [at] global-project-partners [dot] de

Headquarter Cairo